Julie & Company has vast experience in writing both marketing and technical materials. In fact, Julie has a Bachelors degree in Writing from the University of Maryland.

Writing for the Web

Julie & Company specializes in writing web copy; we understand that most people hate reading online and therefore need brief text that gets right to the point. We also use a variety of visual cues to help users quickly scan your copy.

Writing for Blogs

Julie has been blogging for many years both personally and professionally and can help you write blog posts, too. We also maintain blogs for clients, posting graphics and text as needed. In addition, we design blogs in Blogger and WordPress to match your corporate website and marketing materials.

Press Releases

Do you have an important event or happening to announce? Julie & Company can take the particulars and spin it into a cogent, highly readable press release. We can then post it on your website, blog, Constant Contact, or any other venue.

Technical Materials

Julie & Company is available for technical writing, including user manuals, white papers, and the like. We also create effective images to accompany the reports.

For writing samples or to learn more about our company, please contact Julie & Company at 301-330-9353.