How We Work

To market your business, Julie & Company uses a unique methodology based solely on your marketing and business needs. Julie & Company is NOT concerned with the latest technology or trendy graphics; instead, we focus on what your business or organization needs to succeed.

The following is a brief overview of the methodology Julie & Company traditionally uses when working with clients. You may also want to view our project flow chart to see how we work on projects.

Brainstorming Session and Marketing Consulting

Julie & Company meets with the company decision makers to identify your marketing issues and objectives. We discuss your objectives, product or service offerings, competition, partners, and more. Why? Because the only way we can produce meaningful marketing materials is if we have a good understanding of your business.

Some clients also opt for the gold standard of marketing strategy: focus groups. Julie & Company sets up these valuable events and meets with your audiences - be they clients, customers, members, employees, and the like - to learn exactly what they are thinking about your organization and its offerings. We interpret and crystallize the feedback from these groups into a workable and effective strategy that we then extend throughout your marketing materials and website. 

Marketing Research 

Julie & Company explores the websites and other marketing materials for your competition – we want to know what you’re up against. We also study businesses that offer similar or companion services so that we have a good working knowledge of your market.

Corporate Naming

On occasion, companies need to change their names or need names for their product lines. Julie & Company can help you rename your organization, finding a creative moniker with an effective web address (domain name/URL).

Corporate Identity Design

Using the knowledge gained from the Brainstorming Session and the Marketing Research, Julie & Company designs several logos for your review. After you finalize the logo, Julie & Company designs letterhead, envelopes, business cards, shipping labels, and a fax form. This gives you what you need to get started marketing your business. (View samples of our logos and a corporate identity packages.)

Web Design

The next step is web design. Julie & Company uses the new corporate identity to build an interesting web presence specialized for your business and its objectives. Julie & Company focuses on building, asWashington Business Forward magazine says, “clean, unique designs.”

By the way, has been named Julie & Company one of the top web design firms in the region many times. (View samples of our websites).

Brochure or Pocket Folder Design

Julie & Company then traditionally creates a pocket folder/brochure. We also create preprinted product sheet shells that you can print on a laser printer – this saves you a ton of money in printing by giving you a flexible means to develop corporate marketing materials. These printed materials make great leave-behinds for your sales staff. (View samples of our brochures and pocket folders).

Advertising, Direct Mail, PowerPoint Presentations, and more

After Julie & Company finished the basics of your marketing materials – logo, stationery, website, and brochure – the rest is up to you. Need an ad, postcard, or PowerPoint presentation? Julie & Company is available to design any other branded piece you need. And as your business grows, Julie & Company will help you grow your corporate identity to reflect the changes in your business. (View samples of our advertising designs).  

Need additional information?

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