fan mail

  • Julie, everyone that I have shown it to has said, "WOW!" You did an excellent job!!

    - Ali Zeighani, Level 3 Security Solutions
  • Julie does wonderful work, quickly and at a reasonable price. You can't go wrong with Julie, in my books!

    - Steve Walker, Walker Ventures
  • Julie, The ad is very moving, I got chills and watery eyes as I absorbed the symbolism. Nicely done! Thank you.

    - Eric Collier, Bottomline Solutions
  • I went through the piece and found it clean, nicely structured, and ready to move into copy editing. Makes my job easy! Thanks again.

    - Lisa Shroyer, Interweave Knits
  • The website is awesome and you are, too! Thanks!

    - Shawn Mahaney, RestoreATag
  • This is excellent. Exactly what I was looking for.

    - Michael Taghavi, Land Design Pros
  • Julie, awesome work on the first two deliverables. As we expected, you just picked up in the middle of our madness... thank you for jumping in. We truly appreciate your help and expertise.

    - Paivi Nettamo, Project Enhancement Corporation
  • You are a marketing goddess! I love it.

    - Robyn Marbray, Marbray & Company
  • Looks very clean and professional. Great job as usual.

    - Wayne Williams, Paper Cops